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Will Watch Movies In Theaters? Remember Not To Do These Things

If you choose to watch a movie in the cinema, then you should pay attention to some things so you do not disturb the other audiences. However, do not worry if you do not want to pay attention to this, then you can watch your favorite movie at home. Now, you can watch a movie on Various genres of movies you can watch there, ranging from comedy to horror movies.
Watching movies in theaters is fun, but what if you just bother a lot of people there. For that, here are some things you should not do while watching a movie.

1. Do not Play Gadget
You need to know that the rays of your gadget are very annoying to someone. Your gadget’s rays are disturbing the cinema atmosphere that should be dark.

2. Do not Bring Food That Smells Sharply
The cinema room is closed and has air conditioning will make the smell of food that is too sharp will easily smell many people. This will be disturbed focus of the people.

3. Noisy
If you speak in a loud enough voice will make a lot of people around you disturbed. This is one of the most frequent activities by many people in cinemas.