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Vert Shock System The Jump Solution

Vert shock review of the most well-known jumping program improvement. This program is known for the use of scientific research as a base to formulate the exercise suited for this jump improvement program. Vert Shock program founded by the two well-known figures in basketball profession, they are Adam Folker and Justin “Jusfly” Darlington. These people are known for their outstanding talent in basketball and especially for jumpi ng high and scoring inside the basketball arena.

Vert Shock program aiming to improve jumping height by focusing on training and developing the nervous system. Specifically in twitch muscle – type II B fibers – that proven to responsible for the explosive movement of our body, for example, jumpin g. Focusing on the muscle will prevent unnecessary workout that can cause injury to our body. It also helps saving time but still with the optimum result. The workout suggests in the program does not require expensive train ing tools and can be done in the home. So, it will not only save your time but also save your money. Vert Shock program claimed to gives you 15 inches improvement after completing eight weeks training period. The training period will be divided into three phases: pre-shock phase, shock phase, and post-shock phase. These entire phases not only increase your jump height but also improve your overall athletic performance. After eight weeks you can see your significant improvement in your jump height, in fact the improvement can be seen during the first phase (pre-shock phase) for about 5 inches, and it has high possibility for more improvement if you following suggestion in the instruction book and practice regularly especially in the second phase (shock phase). This jumping height also needs to maintain by doing regular workouts at least once per week. In the limited time, Vert Shock program offers you the discount price up to 50% from it is original price. It will only cost $67 and $134 in the normal occasion. Vert Shock program will be your solution to your jump problem.