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Tangerang Selatan In Development

Some people today are using cars to achieve their goals. Including the people of South Tangerang City itself. Increased population density coupled with motor vehicles, raises a new problem, namely the density of traffic. Congestion often occurs in areas in South Tangerang City. Congestion is not a new thing for the people of South Tangerang City itself. Tangerang City congestion hotspots include Serpong Highway, Pahlawan Seribu Street Plane to ITI Campus, Puspitek Jengkol Market Fair, Jombang Market around toll road, Bintaro Crossing, Pasar Ciputat Junction, Pondok Cabe Junction and other congestion points. Usually, the development of Tangerang city is summarized in

Congestion is not unusual for road users at these points. Vehicle volume continues to increase at a certain time, such as the morning when people want to go to work or leave school. Likewise during the day when students want to go home from school or workers who want to go home from the office. The volume of vehicles continues to increase causing long rows of vehicles to pass through the streets.