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Gadgets as Human Needs

In its development, gadgets that used to tend only to be owned by the bourgeoisie because the price is relatively expensive at the time. Now start can be owned by anyone because the price of gadgets began to vary. Everything with the theme of an update must have practical value. However, it will not be separated from the good and bad impacts that arise. It’s the same with gadgets in our lives. Must have a good and bad impact. The development of gadgets that are increasing rapidly to be aware, especially with the emergence of the term gadget mania or nicknames for gadget addicts. As we know, we are in the era of globalization, certainly not difficult to find the gadget mania that has been rampant to all circles.

A gadget addict will be hard to live a real life, for example chatting. The attention of a gadget addict will only be directed to the virtual world. And even if he is separated with a gadget, then there will be feelings of anxiety. One psychologist argues about the effects of opium in which gadgets can arise in the form of verbal communication disorders in communicating directly in society and also in a higher level can make individuals become hyperreal.