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Want to Put Ads Using Google Adwords? It is The costs

Advertising on google adwords has many advantages. But how much is actually the cost needed to put an ad on google adwords? In this article will find the answer.

The value or cost of AdWords to pay varies depending on the keyword and the competitor’s level including the associated ad rank position. You are required to set a price or cost on each keyword that you choose in accordance with the desire ranking/position your ad. Generally there are 10 positions with high rankings that affect the amount of cost required.

The average cost of the cheapest Adwords advertising in Indonesia starts from Rp 500 for the keyword for your own brand. Meanwhile, if the price range per-click for products or services around Rp 1,000 to Rp 5,000 can even more up to Rp 10,000 for keywords that are very competitive.