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Try Another Menu In Dairy Queen

In addition to Blizzard, Dairy Queen also serves other menus such as Banana Split, Moolatte, Oreo Earthquake, Hot Dog & others. Banana Split is less special, banana mixed with ice cream only. Oreo Earthquake as DQ Breakfast Menu pretty ok, ice cream mixed with oreo and brownies, but still more delicious Blizzard. Meanwhile, Moolatte is a super cold coffee drink but unfortunately a bit too sweet, yet Moolatte flavor overall remains ok because not in all places can enjoy this super cold coffee. Moolatte comes in various flavors such as caramel, mocha, green tea, cappuccino, and others.

In addition to cold and icy dishes, Dairy Queen also serves non-cold dishes such as Hot Dogs. Hot Dog has 3 flavor variants namely 3 cheese, pepperoni, chili melt and Chicago. Hot dogs taste chili melt has a taste that is not spicy at all, the taste is still dominant cheese, the smell of sausage feels good and the bread is very soft. Broadly speaking, Dairy Queen deserves a score of 3 on a maximum scale of 5 which means “tolerable”. Understandably Dairy Queen prices are more expensive.