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Small factors that damage your tires

Although the severe tire puncture can be quite concerning, the smaller version of this problem can be annoying as well. Furthermore, if you leave this matter for some time then you can expect the damage to be stacked and also get worse. So that’s why we’d like to share with you some small factors that damage your tires, while you can also learn more about us if you look for a great car tire alignment service.

Here are the problems that you must know:

1. valve

Somewhat difficult to detect damage to the nipple, because physically usually not seen, especially if made of iron. Damage to this nipple is usually on the inside.

There are times when the very small middle part is in a state of drowning so the wind comes out.

The possibility of both rubber its valve already brittle.

2. Tire filling

Tires that have been patched are also potentially leaky smooth. Usually, because it is not good or workmanship carelessly.

For example, a leaking hole is actually contrived larger so that patches can enter.

The cavity is usually present between new patches.

3. Rims

If the rim is dented then it is possible to make a cavity with a tire. From the cavity through small is very likely to be a way out of the wind.

This dented rim can be caused by many things.

One of them because it hit the hole at high speed.