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Hazards of Plastic Waste

If left, plastic waste will accumulate in the ocean. This will endanger living creatures living in the sea. What are the dangers? You can visit to get more information

– Disturbs digestion and poisoning

Small plastic garbage that is on the seabed can be consumed by marine animals. If it gets into the stomach, this plastic waste will interfere with its digestion. Plastic samples also contain toxins. When ingested, these animals may be poisoned. This can even lead to death

– Injuring marine animals

Plastic wastes can also injure animals in the sea. Sometimes, they can get caught in the trash or covered by plastic. If it is so, it is difficult for them to escape. Eventually, they will be injured by continuing to get caught or trying to escape.

In addition, this will also make the fish we consume every day potentially swallowing plastic. Can you imagine what happens to us when we eat the fish? Therefore, save yourself by way of saving the environment, starting from now.